• Product Name:Coconut diethanolamide
  • Molecular Formula:C15H27FO4
  • Purity:99%
  • Molecular Weight:290.37

Product Details;

CasNo: 68603-42-9

Molecular Formula: C15H27FO4

Appearance: viscous yellow to amber liquid

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What is the Coconut diethanolamide ?

Coconut diethanolamide is viscous yellow to amber liquid, while it's Molecular Formula is no. cocamide DEA is a thickener and viscosity builder for cosmetic surfactant systems. It is added to lauryl sulfate-based liquid cleansers to help stabilize the lather and improve foam formation.

What is the CAS number for Coconut diethanolamide ?

The CAS number of Coconut diethanolamide is 68603-42-9.

More information of Coconut diethanolamide 68603-42-9 are:


AdekasolCOA;Alkamide 2104;Alkamide CDE;Alkamide CDO;Alkamide DC 212S;Amicol CDE 2;Amicol CDE-G;Amidet B 112;Amidet SB 13;Amisol CD;Arcalon 12;CDE 100;Calimide C;Carsamide CA;Cedemide CX;Cedemide DX;Clindrol 200CGN;Cocamide diethanolamine;Coco fatty acid diethanolamides;Coconut oil diethanolamides;Comperlan KD;EMP 6501;Elromid KD 80;Ethylan A 15;Ethylan LD;Foamole 2AC;Homelead CD;Marlamid D 1218;Marpon MM;Mazamide 80;Monamid 705;NaxonolCO;Naxonol PN 66;Ninol 11CM;Ninol 1281;Ninol 2012E;Ninol40CET;Ninol 40CO;Nissan Stafoam DF;Profan EX 24;Profan Extra 24;Purton CFD;Rewomid DC 212S;Schercomid CDA;Schercomid SCO;Stafoam DF 4;Stafoam DFC;Steinamid DC 212S;Steinamid DC 212SE;Varamide A 10;Vicamid 528;Witcamide 5133;

CAS Number


Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Melting Point

168-274 °C

Boiling Point

168-274 oC





What is Coconut diethanolamide (68603-42-9) used for?

Cocamide DEA is also named N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl) coco fatty acid diethanolamide, coconut fatty acid diethanolamide, cocoyl diethanolamide, and coconut oil acid diethanolamide. It is manufactured from coconut oil and is widely used in industry and at horne as a surface-active agent. It is contained in hand gels, handwashing soaps, shampoos and dish-washing liquids for its foam-producing and stabilizing properties, and in metalworking fluids and polishing agents as an anticorrosion inhibitor.


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Eyelid dermatitis with positive patch test to coconut diethanolamide

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