• Product Name:Coconut diethanolamide
  • Molecular Formula:no
  • Purity:99%
  • Molecular Weight:unknown

Product Details;

CasNo: 68603-42-9

Molecular Formula: no

Appearance: viscous yellow to amber liquid

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1.What is the N,N-Bis(hydroxyethyl)coco amides ?

N,N-Bis(hydroxyethyl)coco amides, as known as CDEA, which is a viscous liquid and is used as a foaming agent in bath products like shampoos and hand soaps, and in cosmetics as an emulsifying agent.

2.What is the CAS number for N,N-Bis(hydroxyethyl)coco amides ?

The CAS number of N,N-Bis(hydroxyethyl)coco amides is 68603-42-9.

More information of N,N-Bis(hydroxyethyl)coco amides 68603-42-9 are:

CAS Number

Status Live
Source Category Governmental Organizations, Legacy Depositors
Related Compounds 2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)acetic acid;1,1,1,3,3,3-hexachloropropan-2-one;N-methylmethanamine

3.What are another words for N,N-Bis(hydroxyethyl)coco amides ?

Synonyms for Coconut diethanolamide 68603-42-9: CDEA;AdekasolCOA;Alkamide 2104;Alkamide CDE;Alkamide CDO;Alkamide DC 212S;Amicol CDE 2;Amicol CDE-G;Amidet B 112;Amidet SB 13;Amisol CD;Arcalon 12;CDE 100;Calimide C;Carsamide CA;Cedemide CX;Cedemide DX;Clindrol 200CGN;Cocamide diethanolamine;Coco fatty acid diethanolamides;Coconut oil diethanolamides;Comperlan KD;EMP 6501;Elromid KD 80;Ethylan A 15;Ethylan LD;Foamole 2AC;Homelead CD;Marlamid D 1218;Marpon MM;Mazamide 80;Monamid 705;NaxonolCO;Naxonol PN 66;Ninol 11CM;Ninol 1281;Ninol 2012E;Ninol40CET;Ninol 40CO;Nissan Stafoam DF;Profan EX 24;Profan Extra 24;Purton CFD;Rewomid DC 212S;Schercomid CDA;Schercomid SCO;Stafoam DF 4;Stafoam DFC;Steinamid DC 212S;Steinamid DC 212SE;Varamide A 10;Vicamid 528;Witcamide 5133;

4.What is N,N-Bis(hydroxyethyl)coco amides (68603-42-9) used for?

N,N-Bis(hydroxyethyl)coco amides can be used as a surfactant. Characteristics of light yellow to amber viscous liquid, soluble in water, with good foaming, foam stability, penetration decontamination, anti-hard water and other functions.


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Occupational allergic contact dermatitis due to N,N-Bis(hydroxyethyl)coco amides

Anne Pinola, Tuula Estlander, Riitt Jolanki, Kyllikki Tarvainen, Lasse Kanerva

, Contact Dermatitis, Volume29, Issue5 November 1993 Pages 262-265

Nonionic surfactant of N,N-Bis(hydroxyethyl)coco amides as a novel corrosion inhibitor for cold rolled steel in both HCl and H2SO4 solutions X Li, S Deng, G Du - Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2022 (China)

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